San Francisco


So it begins. Naturally, since we left Austin on a very early flight, I got ready in a rush and forgot my iPhone. Such a first world problem, right? The bad news: I was stoked to listen to a ton of new jams I uploaded last night. The good news: I wasn’t glued to my phone and actually enjoyed much of the scenery in San Fran. It’s probably for the best.

We arrived in SF around 9am and our flight to Singapore doesn’t leave until around 11:30pm (the very reason for this blog — total time waster), so we spent the entire day walking around, taking the metro/bus and exploring the city. This was my first time in Northern California, and I fell in love (surprise, surprise). I’ve always said I’d like to move to California or Colorado after Texas. They seem to have that same laid back vibe that Austin has. The weather is literally perfect. The views are great. There’s so much history here — what’s not to love?

Next stop: The Philippines for a layover, and then onward to Singapore. Am I ready for the inevitable “culture shock”? I’m not sure. Updates soon.

Just a few photos from the walk through SF: It was too foggy to get a good picture of the bridge, but that’s okay — that just means I have an excuse to visit again!

DSCF9111 DSCF9112 DSCF9113 DSCF9114 DSCF9115 DSCF9116 DSCF9117 DSCF9118 DSCF9119 DSCF9120 DSCF9121 DSCF9122 DSCF9123 DSCF9124 DSCF9125 DSCF9126 DSCF9127

“If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”


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24 years young from Austin, TX. Graduated from Texas State with a degree in International Studies. Time to explore the wonderful world around me! And when I'm not travelling, I'm busy reading up on current events and planning the next trip! As Penny Lane would say, "It's all happening"

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