Jet lagging


Two words: Jet. Lag.

Survived the longest flight of my life. Felt like I was in a half dream/daze the entire time. Got to Singapore. This place is like Heaven for OCD people. It’s true — this city is crazy clean. I’m impressed, but mostly looking forward to Malaysia and Thailand. Singapore is very posh and I’m just not into that. The locals are extremely nice and I’ve met a European here that we’ve been meeting up with, exploring the city and going to the local bars. The past few nights I’ve been going out and staying up until 6am. I thought I was too old to see the sunrise, guess not. My body and mind must still be in sync with Texas time. Yikes.

Highlights of Singapore so far:

  • Botanical Gardens: Largest garden I’ve seen in my life. Well kept. The pictures don’t even do it justice.
  • Clarke Quay (basically, the hub of nightlife here). People go crazy here. Great for people watching and spending way too much money.
  • Hindi dance bars: I’m still not sure WHAT goes down in these places, but the fact that the owner let me play The Weeknd was excellent. The girls tried to get me to dance, and I did. Glad there are no pictures.
  • The Food: Because it’s delicious. I did cheat and eat Popeyes yesterday. Oops. Needed some fried chicken y’all!

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About pennylaneonaplane

24 years young from Austin, TX. Graduated from Texas State with a degree in International Studies. Time to explore the wonderful world around me! And when I'm not travelling, I'm busy reading up on current events and planning the next trip! As Penny Lane would say, "It's all happening"

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