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I’m Alive!


I promise, I’m alive and well. This whole “oh yeah, I’ll keep a blog and write about Imageeverything” idea has been somewhat of a fImageImageImageImageImageailure. BUT I’m okay with that, because this past month has been such an incredibly exciting and nerveracking adventure, and living in the moment is what really matters when it comes down to it.

More to come soon!


Hello Thailand! “สวัสดีค่ะ” (Sawasdee ka)


It’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I’ve really been enjoying my time in Thailand thus far.

Got to Bangkok today. HUGE city. Amazing transport. I just love big cities — more to come on Bangkok later (no pun intended…get your mind out of the gutter) Ok ok it is hard to not make jokes, though, considering many Thai words sound sexual or just downright funny to the average Westerner…

So after visiting 3 lovely places in Malaysia and getting my first feel for Asia, it was time to move on to the final destination, and of course, the one I mostly looked forward to: Thailand. Took a quick ferry ride from Langkawi, Malaysia to Satun, Thailand. Got my visa stamped — I’m golden for 60 days until I get it converted to a work visa, so let’s hope that all goes as planned. The bus ride from Satun to Krabi took about 6 hours. One thing I quickly noticed was that nothing was in English, unlike in Malaysia, where throughout the entire country you’d see businesses with their English translation. Of course, this began to change once we reached our destination, Krabi — a major tourist hub.

I remember walking up to the beach in Ao Nang (our first stop), and thinking to myself how real everything was becoming. The fact that I just graduated University and am already living in a foreign country halfway across the globe really started to set in. It was kind of overwhelming, to be honest. What’s even crazier is that the “real” adventure hasn’t even begun! Aside from the inevitable adventures and cultural experiences to take place, the real reason why I’m here is to teach English. This is not just an excuse to get away for awhile. I genuinely do have a passion for making a difference in these kids’ lives. Is it nerve-wracking? YES. Of course. I’ll admit it.

As usual, the rest of this update will consist of the random things I’ve kept a note of in my phone:

  • Scooters. are. everywhere. Trying not to get ran over by one…
  • Patong/Bangla Road in Phuket (the largest island in Thailand, also pronounced Poo-ket, not Fuck it, is absolutely nuts, never seen anything like it in my life. It’s definitely not a place for conservatives, I’ll tell you that. There are go-go dancers and lady-boys on every street, in every bar, well..everywhere. There are old men with young women everywhere. There are massage parlors everywhere. Yes, Thailand is a beautiful country with a rich culture, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of problems. I refuse to turn my back and live in la la land while I’m here. You have to face the good and the bad of life. Whether you choose to feed the problem or not is another story.
  • How many times can I be asked to see a ping pong show while walking down Bangla road?
  • Got a pedicure for $6 USD. Winning!
  • In Krabi, I saw my first lady-boy, YAY!!!! Ok — interesting. They are fabulous and beautiful.
  • There are so many temples here. I’m in love. Can’t wait to visit them and on that note — learn more about Buddhism, which will happen when I begin the TESOL course next week. I’m by no means religious but from what I’ve read thus far, the principles of Buddhism are good tools to living a simpler, happier lifestyle.
  • Thais are generally nice people. When it was pouring rain outside in Phuket, these ladies at the salon nearby gave us towels and let us dry off inside, while offering their conversation.
  • Getting used to toilet situation here has been interesting. Most of the time there is no toilet paper and sometimes you walk into a stall with simply a pee hole. Takes squatting to another level. Also, there is such thing as a separate shower. So, that means when you’re done showering and you wish to pee, the toilet is covered in water from your shower. But hey, I’m getting used to it.
  • In Phuket, we spent a lot of time at one of the tiki hut bars outside of our hotel. I mean, when it rains all day, what else is there to do besides drink? The bartender, whose name was Ploy, was so friendly. She was tiny, looked about 19/20, but we found out she was 33! Asians really don’t age it seems. Anyways, she was unlike any of the other bar staff who try to hustle you for drinks and dances. I really enjoyed her company and hope to meet her again.
  • While laying out on Patong beach, it really broke my heart seeing all the children selling trinkets on the beach. Sometimes it’s hard to face these kinds of things, because you just don’t want to believe that people have such limits on what they must do to survive. This is why I can’t wait to start teaching English. I want these children to have better options.
  • I’m constantly craving Tex Mex. Help. It’s hardly been a month.
  • Speaking of food, I need to go on a diet. Good thing I’ll be too broke to binge eat. These Asian women are rail thin. Can I have your genes please?
  • Took a boat cruise to a couple of islands near Phuket, including one where parts of “The Beach” were filmed. Maya Bay was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Paradise.
  • A few of the locals I met asked where we were from. First, we’d say Texas, then if they didn’t know where or even what Texas was, they recognized the United States. Crazy, right? Being from Texas and knowing how much pride Texans have, I’d say that most people would be shocked to know that not everyone has heard of our “bigger and better” state. Sorry to burst your bubble 😉


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Why you should travel while you’re young (source: HuffPost)


Why you should travel while you’re young (click for the article)

Love this article — had to share.

“This is the time for small paychecks and big memories. This is the time for travel. We are about as attached to one location as we are to our favorite Chinese take-out place. We know what we like about it, and we take comfort in the familiarity, but that’s about it”. – Jessy Tapper