Pictures ~ a lot of pictures. Get ready for some serious scroll action.


Railay Beach. Krabi, Thailand. One of my favorite weekend getaway spots.


My friends from Texas came to visit Thailand! What an insane week.

Only in Thailand do they have to ensure you that there are NO prostitute in the bar…

The bus ride to Krabi is 150 baht. Less than $4 USD.

Watching the sunset on my patio in Surat Thani.

This is what happens when school gets canceled for the week. Rough life, I tell ya.

My idea of paradise! Secluded beach in Koh Samui.


A little too excited about motorbike adventures

Thai food FTW.

Bungalow in Samui.

This guy knows what’s up!

This guy is really enjoying his vacation. He’s sitting on a beautiful beach in Thailand scrolling through Facebook!

Crystal Bay.

F@cK your comfort zone


I’ve seen the most incredible sunsets in Thailand.

Walking through a deserted beach town.

Palm trees for days.

Walking past a fisherman village.

Khanom Beach.

Feeling like a backpacker..haha

Dream as if you’ll live forever

Look what I spotted!

Green is my favorite color

Interesting house-thing-majig found on the side of the road.

Spent this day exploring the deserted beach town. Easily one of the happiest days I’ve had in the past 4 months.

2nd solo trip to Krabi. Some of the travelers I met at the hostel. We had at least 5 different nationalities at this table!

A check off the bucket list: Big Buddha in Koh Samui.

Just chillin’

Saw a trail, parked our motorbikes, and found this empty beach. Score!


Went a little too hard at the market

NYE in Phuket. Floating lanterns and fireworks.

Hello 2014!

This is a tribute to my favorite British guy, Tom.

No idea who this guy is

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the new year. Bring it on, 2014.

What hangover? Phuket, Thailand. Jan 1, 2014.

**** To be continued πŸ˜‰


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24 years young from Austin, TX. Graduated from Texas State with a degree in International Studies. Time to explore the wonderful world around me! And when I'm not travelling, I'm busy reading up on current events and planning the next trip! As Penny Lane would say, "It's all happening"

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