Some people have real problems.


After living in a “developing” country, you begin to notice things (problems/circumstances, etc) that aren’t existent in your home country. For example, when I log onto Facebook, my news feed is filled with statuses where people are complaining about this or that, “ranting”, whatever. Complaining isn’t a bad thing. I mean, I complain about a lot of shit. However, there IS a difference between complaining about something and complaining just to complain. As a a matter of fact, you could say that I’m complaining about people complaining. I sense that the majority of people don’t even notice when they are complaining; it’s almost like second nature to them.

One thing that I’ve gained from this experience is gratitude. We wake up in the morning, rushed and annoyed..usually setting the scene for a negative mood to follow for the rest of the day. If I were back in Austin, I’d be at a standstill on I-35 cursing my life. Here in SE Asia I’ve seen people who struggle with things that people in the West would shit themselves over.


To be continued.


About pennylaneonaplane

24 years young from Austin, TX. Graduated from Texas State with a degree in International Studies. Time to explore the wonderful world around me! And when I'm not travelling, I'm busy reading up on current events and planning the next trip! As Penny Lane would say, "It's all happening"

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