Some people have real problems.


After living in a “developing” country, you begin to notice things (problems/circumstances, etc) that aren’t existent in your home country. For example, when I log onto Facebook, my news feed is filled with statuses where people are complaining about this or that, “ranting”, whatever. Complaining isn’t a bad thing. I mean, I complain about a lot of shit. However, there IS a difference between complaining about something and complaining just to complain. As a a matter of fact, you could say that I’m complaining about people complaining. I sense that the majority of people don’t even notice when they are complaining; it’s almost like second nature to them.

One thing that I’ve gained from this experience is gratitude. We wake up in the morning, rushed and annoyed..usually setting the scene for a negative mood to follow for the rest of the day. If I were back in Austin, I’d be at a standstill on I-35 cursing my life. Here in SE Asia I’ve seen people who struggle with things that people in the West would shit themselves over.


To be continued.




I am THE most indecisive person I know. I’ve been hit hard with the indecision bug this week. With this school term coming to an end, I’m starting to think twice about my decision to move back to Texas, working in retail (aka Hell on Earth), until I figure out my next big move/career path/whatever you wanna call it. Whoever said life after college kind of sucks is right in that aspect. Figuring out what you’re supposed to do with your life must come easy for some people, but for most of us I think it’s safe to say we have no idea what we’re doing. All I know is that I’m still not ready to settle down in one place yet. The opportunities are plentiful here, this place is beautiful, I’ve met some awesome people, blah blah blah… basically I’m having one of those moments where I’m afraid I’ll miss out on a chance.

Ideally, I would be able to visit home for a few weeks (I have to) — come back to Thailand to teach for another term in a new city, then save enough money to travel to South America and finally start learning Spanish, while teaching down there. Once I’m good with Spanish, I think my opportunities career-wise will expand.

Anais Nin, thanks for the advice. It’s an interesting time in my life, y’all.



We’ll see what happens…

Be The Girl That Travels


Thought Catalog

I bet by now, you’ve seen the Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels and You Should Love A Woman Who Travels articles, which, for the record, I find extremely relevant to my life in most ways. And while they’re extremely well-written, I think that simply being the girl who travels is the key idea. Leave the dating idea out of my life completely and now we’re talking.

And so, here is my spin on the whole idea.

Be the girl who travels and reawaken your sense of hope in the world. Let it change you, transform you, and give you a sort of longing that few other things ever will.

Be the girl who travels and is continuously blown away by the sheer beauty of unknown. Let it make you laugh, let it make you cry, and let it shake you to your core.

Be the girl who travels with…

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How to DESTROY your comfort zone


One of my goals for this year is to deal with fear in a proactive way and step outside of my comfort zone more often.

The Ryan Potter Blog

Even writing it makes me feel sick.

Comfort zone.



Yet, almost every single person in our society is stuck in one – with no way out.

We stay where we are, because we’re comfortable. We hold on to what we have, because it makes us comfortable. We buy things we don’t need, to make us more comfortable. We let social conditioning tell us what to do, because we want to live a comfortable life.

This is usually the part where I’d tell you that if you want to live a comfortable life, then go ahead and do that – then follow up with some reasons you probably, maybe, might want to reconsider.

I’m not going to do that.

This is the ‘No-Bullshit-Guide to Life’ for a reason. So here it is, no bullshit:

The comfort zone is fucking pathetic. Living a ‘comfortable’ life is fucking…

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Pictures ~ a lot of pictures. Get ready for some serious scroll action.


Railay Beach. Krabi, Thailand. One of my favorite weekend getaway spots.


My friends from Texas came to visit Thailand! What an insane week.

Only in Thailand do they have to ensure you that there are NO prostitute in the bar…

The bus ride to Krabi is 150 baht. Less than $4 USD.

Watching the sunset on my patio in Surat Thani.

This is what happens when school gets canceled for the week. Rough life, I tell ya.

My idea of paradise! Secluded beach in Koh Samui.


A little too excited about motorbike adventures

Thai food FTW.

Bungalow in Samui.

This guy knows what’s up!

This guy is really enjoying his vacation. He’s sitting on a beautiful beach in Thailand scrolling through Facebook!

Crystal Bay.

F@cK your comfort zone


I’ve seen the most incredible sunsets in Thailand.

Walking through a deserted beach town.

Palm trees for days.

Walking past a fisherman village.

Khanom Beach.

Feeling like a backpacker..haha

Dream as if you’ll live forever

Look what I spotted!

Green is my favorite color

Interesting house-thing-majig found on the side of the road.

Spent this day exploring the deserted beach town. Easily one of the happiest days I’ve had in the past 4 months.

2nd solo trip to Krabi. Some of the travelers I met at the hostel. We had at least 5 different nationalities at this table!

A check off the bucket list: Big Buddha in Koh Samui.

Just chillin’

Saw a trail, parked our motorbikes, and found this empty beach. Score!


Went a little too hard at the market

NYE in Phuket. Floating lanterns and fireworks.

Hello 2014!

This is a tribute to my favorite British guy, Tom.

No idea who this guy is

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to ring in the new year. Bring it on, 2014.

What hangover? Phuket, Thailand. Jan 1, 2014.

**** To be continued 😉